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CMMI is the devil. For my team to become CMMI compliant with the guideline set forth by way the hell up there management requires at least one person full time to handle just the process documentation. We barely have enough people to do the project we're tasked with, let alone handling all the system documentation and dockside support. I barely even understand the CMMI documentation that already exists for our office, and I'm sure that took 10 people 3 years to compile. Now you want us to either say we'll follow those guidelines, make necessary ammendments, or write our own, and then follow them to the letter by the end of February? Fat chance. Things like this are what me me think that me taking an MBA program would be completely worthless. I either wouldn't understand it, or I would fight it kicking and screaming the whole way. It just seems so counterintuitive and mostly pointless to me as an engineer.

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