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More "I hate the post office" stuff: I ordered some things off Amazon last week and did the free shipping option, which is USPS. Both things left Capitol Heights, MD last night, so I expect them to be delivered today. Before I left for Erin's baby shower, I saw the mail cart pull up, watched the mailman get out with mail, put it in the boxes, then get back in his truck and drive off. Sadness! No amazon package for me until Monday! And it's got the newest Throwdown and Darkest Hour CDs in it too! But wait, there's more! So I went down to get the mail, and lo and behold, do my eyes decieve me, why, what is this? Yes my friends, it's PS Form 3489. What is this form you ask? It's the "Sorry we Missed You!" notification. WHAT??? You didn't miss me asshole, you didn't even fucking try to find me! I watched you get out of your damn cart and back in your damned cart without any boxes and you sure as hell didn't walk up the stairs and knock on my door. Now, the mail man still has half the apartment complex to get to before he gets to the main office to drop off the packages for people who are "unavailable." Since I'm already pissed off at the post office, and I'm feeling somewhat on the spiteful side for having been slighted, I went down to the office and stood outside, card in hand waiting for him to show up. No sooner did he pull up than I lit into him about doing his job. No doubt, I won't get any mail for a week now, or at the very least, I'll never see my bills or packages again, but I certainly feel better. I mean, sure, during the week, the chances of someone being home during the day are pretty slim, I'll give you that. But at 1:30 pm on a weekend? And for you to not even try? What kind of crap is that? Apparently, even though rain or (not both, you'll note) sleet won't keep him from delivering my mail, a flight of stairs apparently will. Conspiracy I tell you... A consipracy of incompetence...

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