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Marcus Marcus Marcus... Further proof that being the kid brother of one of the most exciting college QBs of all time doesn't make you a good person. Whereas Michael earned his own respect and paid his dues, Marcus has been riding on his coattails. Having watched him play, yes, he has a lot of talent, but what NFL team would want to sign him, let alone draft him, at this point? You thought the Eagles were having a problem with TO? Marcus has an ego the size of Owens' but can never seem to keep himself out of legal trouble. Check the ego at the door, play hard, stop being an immature baby. Go play in the Arena or Canadian league or something until you can prove that your talent is worth something more than bail bonds and court hearings. Michael, your brother needs an attitude adjustment, not a blank check. I know you want to help, but find the right way to do it. Money and fame doesn't solve everything.

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