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So sleepy... I managed to stay at work until about 5:15 today, and actually got some things done, so today was already a huge success by comparison to my expectations. Unfortunately, I didn't do any of the housekeeping things I wanted to do today, like clean the chins' cage, the fish tank, or the bathroom. I ate my dinner, read all my mail, paid my bills, and let the girls out. Now I'm ready for bed. I've got to stay awake at least a little longer though. I know it's already 3:30 in the morning on my body clock, but I can't go to bed until at least 9:30 if I ever want to get back on schedule. Also in the plus column, I think I might be getting what my dad had last week. My throat was really scratchy last night and today my nose was getting runny. "Hi, I'm back from my 10 day vacation, I'm going on sick leave now!" Oh well. I assumed at first it was just dehydration from the 12 hours on the 777 from Tel Aviv to Newark. But it's all starting to fall into place now. The lack of sleep, the stress of travelling, the uncomfortableness of airplane seats, the recycled germy air of 300+ people, the exposure to my dad's germs in a couped up Honda Civic... *sigh* Maybe a good night's sleep tonight will cure me.

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