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(local time - 12:35 am) Quick update: got into Tel Aviv with no problems whatsoever. I had been telling Emily that I hated the Newark airport but couldn't remember why. Having now been there again, it all came back to me what a hellhole that place is. Can't wait to go through customs there on the way back... Stayed up for part of teh Tech game last night. Fell asleep after teh 4th and 2 Reggie slip and the 3rd and long interception returned 45 yards as the score quickly became 13-0. Woke up with teh score 20-0 with 12 to go in teh second, so Emily and I went to bed. Woke up to find out we'd been slaughtered. No shocker there since we haven't scored more than 20 points in months, so even if we held utah scoreless (we didn't, 38) th rest of the game, we already had a slim chance ot winning. Way to back up my assertions that we deserved a better bowl game... Typical GT football... Today we had Christmas all over again, including waffles. Then went for a walk on teh beach and got to see teh ruins of a roman crusader castle right up on teh cliffs. I went rock climbing to the dismay of everyone else. We foudn some cool ancient glass that had washed up on teh beach and all in all had a good round of exercise. Israel so far is a lot of fun and a beautiful area. I can't wait to explore some more of it over the next few days.

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