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Turn out al this Friday the 13th hocus pocus isn't just superstition after all. My family was flying back from Israel today (Ben for school, my dad for congressional meetings, my mom to help her dad with his next round of chemo). They made it into Newark with no problem, but then all hell broke loose. Of course it would have been in Newark... My mom and Ben's gate changed, their bags took forever coming off the plane, customs was a disaster, the bag rechcking conveyor got jammed, Ben and my mom missed their flight to Cleveland, my dad barely made his flight to National, then Newark fogged in, so the rebooked flight to Cleveland couldn't leave, apparently National fogged in around 10 am, so the plane aborted landing twice and circled for two hours before landing at Dulles. Yikes. This is why Emily and I flew in on a weekend and left 4 hours before our connecting flight to Dulles. We had no problems other trying to stay awake at the airport and an entire family of obese human-locust hybrids who held up the line at the coffee shop for 25 minutes and ate all the good pastries. Damn locusts...

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