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Israel updates are coming, I promise. I'm probably 60% done with my photos, so those will hopefully be up by the end of the week. Other related posts will probably have to wait until this weekend.

In related news, my dad is in town for some congressional meetings, so he came over on Saturday to watch us lose to NC State and then go say hello to my cousin Emily in the blinding snow storm for her 21st birthday. Yesterday we went to see King Kong. It was better than I expected. I guess I gave Peter Jackson too little credit. It could have been shortened easily 30 minutes, maybe even an hour though. Otherwise is was pretty good. Kong acted like you see real gorillas act, and the CG was well done if perhaps a bit overused on the fight scenes with the dinosaurs and on Nicole Kidman's eyes. No one's eyes are naturally that color, I'm sorry. Afterwards we hit up Red Robin and then talked about diabetes with uncle Bobby. Talk about irony... It was a pretty good weekend all around though.

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