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In other news, I watched Greg Behrendt is Uncool the other night. I might as well have been looking into a crystal ball at one of those carnival gypsy fortune teller tents. What I saw through the fog (dust) in the ball (tv) was my future. I am going to be 40 years old, still wearing metal t-shirts and a studded belt, with tattoos of my kids' names on my arms, and trying to rock out. I'm already pretty close to being "that creepy old guy" at shows. But rest assured when I'm 40 and still trying to mix it up in a hardcore pit, I will find myself thinking back to this stand-up routine and wondering, when did I get old? I don't feel old yet. Maybe it's because I haven't turned the "dreaded" quarter century yet. I have probably a half dozen friends who've gotten married since I graduated from college. One of which has a baby already, and the other is expecting one in about 2 months. Does this make me old? Hell no. Rock and roll forever! As long as no one takes away my t-shirt and as long as Scandinavia doesn't sink like Atlantis so there will always be good metal, I will not grow old. Call it Peter Pan syndrome if you must, but I prefer to call it Keith Richards syndrome. Music has kept him alive for at least 250 years, even if he looks like a leather muppet by now...

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