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Tech's losing streak began and ended with NC State. Tech finally won a close one! *phew* Now all we have to do it win our last 5 games to finish at .500 in the conference... Or, at least ruin a few other team's NCAA seedings. NC State was the perfect team for us to beat to get on track too, 2nd place in the ACC, 2nd highest ACC team in the rankings. We've given BC a better chance to move into 2nd place and we prevbailed against a strong 3-point shooting team. That gives me hope for Duke. Very little hope, but hope nonetheless. I don't really expect to see a 6 game winning streak to end the season, but at least we've got 2 quality wins now and maybe we pick up 2 or 3 more wins by the end of the season. If we get 4, we'd have an overall winning record again too! *crosses fingers* *shakes head in disgust over getting hopes up* I really should know better. I'm just going to settle for enjoying the games when if win and settle for a couple losses as long as we don't embarrass ourselves.

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