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Valentine's Day was really nice. Apart from celebrating the day itself, we got to celebrate Emily getting a job and an apartment! Wheels are in motion my friends and everything is falling nicely into place. =) We went to Da Domenico for dinner, which was fantastic. Mr. Fraim's suggestion from 9 years ago (really? no way. really?? I am getting sooo old...) has never steered me wrong. Then the girls opened their valentine's and Sonja seemed very intent on eating both hers and Zoey's. Emily took a few pictures, so I'll have to see if any came out well. Sadly, she's leaving tomorrow, but at least she'll be back soon and then for good! =) It's been a good VD this year, heart shaped brownines included. Plus, this morning there was a tray of leftover cookies in the breakroom! Mmmm...

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