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All this socializing is wearing me out! We had a second Thanksgiving a couple weeks back with some of Emily's friends from work, or perhaps it was an early Christmas, we could never decide which. Then Emily's office party was the week after that, and afterward we went to go see the national christmas tree displays on the ellipse before we decided that it was too damn cold to be outside. This past weekend we had dinner with my family and some of our family friends on Saturday, and then dinner with Laura and Greg and the twins on Sunday. Those kiddos are getting big fast! Last night we had dinner with Meg and her boyfriend and one of her other friends from high school and her husband at Rio Grande. Mmmm. Today I had lunch with Mike from GD to discuss, um, nothing of any importance whatsoever, we swear. Tomorrow we'll be probably stopping by my parents' again for some dinner and to see Bobby's family, then we're going to church. Christmas Day I intend to spend being as lazy as possible and seeing as few people besides my wife as possible. Our intent this year is to establish some of our own holiday traditions, since this is our first Christmas together as a married couple. Then our Friday, I'm planning to work, and then we're having dinner with family friends. The following week we'll be mostly in the ATL for the Peach Bowl, so we'll be seeing Brian and Tim and Margaret, and possibly Darren and uncle David. I'm also trying to work out a way to see Jennifer and Sam and aunt Lynda in Charlotte on the way home. Then we're in the clear for 2 weeks until my office holiday party. Hopefully that's enough time to recooperate and recharge!

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