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It seems I've been running into people I know in the most unlikely places recently. Friday night at National airport, I ran into Dave Fortner from Tech. He was up in the DC area interviewing for a new job. Then on the Metro platform on Sunday, I ran into one of Emily's coworkers at RAND. Last night, we bumped into Todd and Leah at CalTort while enjoying our free "I voted" tacos (followed by free "I voted" ice cream at Ben & Jerry's). Giving out free food just for doing something I was going to do anyway is the best idea ever, by the way.
In other recent news, the weekend down in Atlanta was good, but too short as always. Our flight down was on time for a change, so we were able to meet Matt for dinner at Gordon Biersh, and then play some Rock Band at Kristin's with Michelle, Ben, Glenn, and Matt. Saturday we tailgated with the same group for a bit, plus Christine, in the EST courtyard, which is really nice. I didn't even know it existed. Campus has changed a lot since I graduated, so it's nice to get around to some different areas. Once there, we learned that Glenn doesn't know how to properly use a grill. Seems like something I should have already known from the various 8th st cookouts, but somehow it had slipped my mind. Then we met up with Brian and his traitorous F$U friends for some more tailgating before game time. After the game, we got lost in my old neighborhood (Smyrna) looking for the South City Kitchen. We eventually found it, and the food was superb as always, but the service was a little lacking. But we got to meet Kenneth's new girlfriend and hear about what he's been up to at Motorola, so it all turned out okay. Sunday morning we had brunch at Apres Diem with Laina and Josh before I headed back to the airport to come home. They make such a cute couple, I wish we could hang out with them more often.
The game on Saturday was fantastic, culminating in a 31-28 Tech victory (FINALLY) on a goal line fumble. After leading for most of the game, a getting a little lucky, Tech finally got the monkey off our back and beat the Criminoles. Everyone has us penciled in to the Orange Bowl all of a sudden, but I think that's a little premature. I'm not familiar with all the new ACC tiebreaker rules (and finding anything on the ACC's website is impossible), but we still need to beat UNC and Miami, and probably need both VT and UVA to lose another game, and then if all that happens, we'd still need to win the ACC Championship game. Certainly the win helps us stay in position, but there's a lot of football left before anyone should be crowning anyone else ACC champs.
The election's finally over! WHOOO! I checked the map before I went to bed last night and saw Obama had a comfortable lead. That's the extent of my interest. I'm sure the cold I'm fighting has something to do with it too. Mostly I just want to sleep a lot. Especially since I need to get better before heading down to Chapel Hill this weekend. Anyway, good for Barack I guess. We'll see what the next 4 years have in store. I'm just excited that the campaigning if over and done with at last. I think this might have been the longest pre-election of all time...

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