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Is it November 4th yet? Will the campaign ads and phone calls stop please? Frankly, I could not be happier to be getting out of the DC area this weekend. I've decided that my new policy is to vote for whoever annoys me the least during the next week. We get at least 2-3 robocalls a day from campaigns, and occasionally even a real human being on the line. We don't answer the house phone, so they all get to talk to voicemail no matter what, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. So far, the list of people I'm not voting for includes Keith Fimian, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin (yes, I know she's listed twice, her campaign calls twice as much as anyone else), and John McCain. I've been invited to more victory rallies than I could possibly attend! I decided months ago not to vote for Keith Fimian after his campaign put up signs that dangerously block the view cars coming up the 66 onramp I use, but apparently no one on his campaign read my irate email, so I still get his pleading phone calls. Also, he was apparently once vaguely involved with the Cleveland Browns. I believe that makes three strikes sir.

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