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Sources: Bowden fired at Clemson after 3-3 start HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sucker. That's what you get for being the head coach of the most over-hyped, under-performing team of all time. We're down to one coach Bowden now, and it's only a matter of time before he gets the boot. Given F$U's downward spiral and Penn State's recent resurgence, Bobby's not likely to catch JoePa again. But he is more likely to be forced to retire, especially given Jimbo Fisher's outrageous contract where he stands to be paid $2.5 million if he's not named head coach at F$U by 2011. Meanwhile, JoePa took a huge hit on the sidelines last year, broke his leg, and still demanded to keep coaching, albeit from a booth per doctor's orders. The man is invincible! And now, back to Tommy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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