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It's official, I bought our tickets tonight and we're going to London for Thanksgiving! Two of Emily's close work friends just started grad school at LSE, so we'd been talking about going to visit this fall, and decided that Thanksgiving would be a good time since work will be slow, and as long as we're not traveling on the typically busy days, the airports shouldn't be too bad. So, we're watched prices for a while and as seats ran out, we finally decided to pounce and got what I think is a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, I think we may have a hard time finding the Georgia ggame on TV over there. "Pardon me my good fellow, do you know of a pub where I might be able to view the football game?" isn't likely to help me very much... Though I'm told that Hillary and Priya's "flat" (see, I already speak the language!) is near the Arsenal stadium, so maybe we'll take in a football game after all. ;)

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