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I finally got around to listening to the new Metallica single. It's okay I guess. I wasn't as disappointed by it as I was by my first listen of St. Anger (which has grown on me considerably since then). That said, the song feels recycled. It reminds me of Until It Sleeps, and a number of other songs from the Load/Reload era. And wait a second, that sounded suspiciously like a vintage Megadeth riff... Subtle attempt to bury the hatchet with Dave Mustaine with an homage or flagrant rippoff? Hmmm... It's not that the song's bad, it's just that it's nothing I haven't heard before. Besides, everyone knows Cliff Burton had a hand in all of 'tallica's best songs, and it's hard to write an album from beyond the grave, even with the aid of whatever magnetic coffin the band is now trying to sell me on. Definitely I'm going to give the whole album a listen at some point, but the single did nothing to really get me excited about the release date.

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