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A week ago, I had zero interest in watching the Olympics. Yet every night fo rthe past week I've been up until 1 am watching. Damn you best-of-the-best international sport competition! I have to admit that I'm hopelessly hooked. And I genuinely think that NBC is doing a better job with coverage than in previous years. Sure, I'm missing a lot of events, but I still think I prefer that to the rapid-fire coverage switching that they've done in the past where you never got to watch enough of anything to really get involved. My only complaint is that I'm hearing the same stories and anecdotes over and over and over again from the announcers. Please find some new drivel. And yes, I realize that I'm hooked on the Olympics because coverage over the last week has been primarily of all the high-profile sports where 16-30 year-old girls wear skin tight outfits, like swimming, volleyball, and gymnastics. But I will also readily admit to being hooked on the men's version of each of those same sports because the level of competition is so high and it's amazing to see what the human body is capable of, especially since mine will never be.

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