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One more straw got added to the camel's back today. What a fun game this is... It's like Jenga or Kerplunk. Build the most treacherous structure possible, to the point where everything is just barely holding together, with everything in "perfect" balance. Then blow on it. To quote The Offspring, my work situtation is as follows: "Cause the slightest thing and I just might snap." There are a few other choice lines form the same song that I find myself wanting to blurt out on at least a daily basis. I never dreamed when I accepted this position that the company would be my biggest obstacle. I assumed that I was the most likely point of failure, not the infrastructure around me. Let's go back to my Jenga analogy. If I'm the tenatively constructed Jenga tower, the company is a bomb shelter. A gust of wind picks up. Which is more likely to crumble? You'd think the Jenga tower, right? No friends, apparently, bomb shelters are much more fragile than they appear. The problem is that you can't build a Jenga tower at all on the rubble strewn all over the place. Okay, my analogy is rapidly losing cohesion. Suffice it to say that I am unhappy at work and things only seem to be getting worse on a near-daily basis.

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