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According to the FY09 tasking plan I just came up with, we have something like 9000 man-hours of work planned for next fiscal year. I think the hours per task are reasonably accurate. I have 1000 hours allocated to my the employee I get 50% of the time and 2000 allocated to our SW lead. In other words, they're both covered for the entire year. That leaves 6000 hours of work to do. Under my initial plan, I had about 2800 hours for myself and 3200 for my a hire. When I tallied the hours, I just started laughing hysterically in my office. To the point where other people poked their heads in to see what was wrong with me. Obviously, I need to hire 2 new people instead of just 1 to even that work load out a little bit. But the scary part is that if we don't make some hires soon, most of those tasks still have to be done, and it's going to take a while to bring someone up to speed so they can actually be useful. Until then, I'll just continue doing the work of 3 people. It's more fun that way...

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