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Kellogg's might just have come up with the worst marketing idea of all time. I know Eggo did a cross-promotion with Legos too, but those still looked like waffles when all was said and done. These things look like honest to god Lego pieces. By the time you train a kid not to put a colorful block in his mouth, the last thing you want to do is give him a colorful block that tastes like "graperry" and has the same size, shape, and name as his favorite toy (which causes serious gastrointestinal problems if swallowed). Brilliant. Don't get me wrong, I want some for myself; I'll bet they're damn tasty. That, and I want to see if I can build not just a Lego model of the Empire State building, not just a gummy model of the Empire State building, but a gummy Lego model of the empire State building. But then, I hardly think I'm their target audience.

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