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The good news just keeps on coming! So, as I mentioned before, my project lead is leaving for another company. This became public knowledge on Monday morning and by lunch time, I had already been asked by the program manager to take over as lead, pending customer approval. We had a meeting yesterday with our TDA about something else and then he stuck around to go over our transition plan and make sure that he's comfortable with me taking over and that we've got talent in place to fill the void Dave is leaving. I'm not 100% sure I'm ready for the responsibility I'm inheriting, but like I told my customer and manager, there's only one way to find out whether I'm up to it and I'm certainly willing to try. 6 months ago I was ready to leave myself, citing a lack of advancement opportunity and new/better responsibilities due to not having anyone under me to pass off old tasks to. 2 months ago, my restlessness was assuaged by a huge promotion (that I wasn't really expecting for abother year), and now I've gotten what essentially amounts to another (even huger) promotion (that I had said I eventually wanted 3-5 years down the road). So in a span of 6 months I've gone from feeling bored and restrained to being handed the reins of a marquee project. Now I just have to avoid running it into the ground...

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