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Busy week - I haven't even had a chance to talk about what happened over the wekeend yet! Saturday was a pretty busy day. My dad is off to the Middle East again, so we had an early father's day celebration brunch. It was nice, but a little rushed as I showed up early to spend time with my family (who wasn't prepared for visitors yet) and my grandmother showed up late. Brunch was delicious, but we still haven't finished my pictures from Malta, and we were supposed to see some pictures from their trip to Italy too. But I ate and ran cause I had other places to be!
After pre-father's day, I ran home to change and then Emily and I headed downtown for RAND's 60th anniversary party. Did I mention that it was ungodly hot outside? The party was held on one of the river cruising boats on the Potomac, which was a fun idea. Food was pretty good, and the views were nice, but none of us wanted to leave the air conditioned, glassed-in cabins to walk the deck or leave the party due to the oppressive heat.
After the fun party, we rushed back home to change, again, before heading over to the Fairfax Fair to see Joan Jett. She came on stage wearing a string bikiki top and leather pants which seems somewhat out of character for her (the top at least), but I suppose when it's 95 degrees and 90% humidity, you gotta do what you gotta do. Also, I never realized that she's something like 3 feet tall. But for a lady pushing 50, she still rocks pretty hard and puts on a good show. I have to admit that I found myself singing Weird Al's "I Love Rocky Road" in my head during her anthemic "I Love Rock & Roll" instead of the proper lyrics, but that's pretty common for me. She played a lot of songs off her new album, which is a lot more toned down than her classics and all kind of ran together. The rapidly approaching thunderstorm and/or heat lighting made for some awesome lighting effects during the performance, and way outclassed anything a pyrotechnician could have put together, although, the post-performance fireworks were pretty nice too.
Sunday was much more low key for me. The cable went out again, preventing me from watching my F1 race like I wanted (I hate Cox so much...), so instead I played several hours of my new Lego Star Wars game. Emily and some of her friends headed off to battle the heat for another aging rocker - Tom Petty. I understand they all had a good time. Frankly, I was perfectly happy sitting in my air-conditioned house playing video games and futzing with my computer.
This is Dave's last week at work, and tomorrow is effectively his last day since we have Friday off. I think things are falling into place for me to take over pretty well. I know it's not going to be a smooth transition, but my goal is basically just to not let anything important slip through the cracks. I think I have a pretty good handle on what I can and can't accomplish with the staffing I currently have, so as long as I make everyone aware of what is and isn't going to get done far enough in advance, I'm hoping no one will be too upset if certain tasks don't get accomplished in lieu of other higher-priority ones. Here's to operating without a safety net!

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