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Emily and I have some exciting news! I know we just got married a couple months ago, and certainly at the time, this wasn't something we planned. But sometimes certain things don't work like they're supposed to. It's definitely something we both wanted, but we both thought it would be something to look forward to further down the road. This is such a life changing event and I hope we're ready for it. Although I suppose at this point it's going to happen whether we're prepared or not. That's right, I quit my job! Things spiraled downward so fast at GD that I was really left with no choice but to move on to bigger and better things. Well, better anyway. I'm going to a smaller company with a lot of very smart people and a completely different work environment. I have no doubt that I will be one of the worst engineers there, but I'm going to learn a hell of a lot, get to do some more fun engineering (less powerpoint, more vi), and expand my capabilities in the process. The last 3 months have been pretty miserable at work, followed by much complaining at home, so that Emily's at least as happy as I am that I finally said "enough is enough." GD gave my career a great start, but the time has come to do something (sort of) new. I'll still be a defense contractor working on submarine sonar systems, just on a different project at a different company where I already know easily half of the ~30 employees. There's something very rewarding about walking into an interview with two of the three company co-owners plus their chief engineer and being told "you don't have to sell yourself, we know what you're capable of and the job is yours if you want it, we just want to make sure that the projects we have in mind for you are something that you're interested in."

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