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The OKC Thunder? Are you serious? Is this a new WNBA team? Or perhaps an MLS team? No no, it's the new name of what used to be Seattle's NBA team. I thought men's professional sports had a ban on singular team names. Besides the Miami and Orlando expansion teams, and the Jazz (which should have left that name in New Orleans where it belongs), every other NBA team has a plural team name. NFL? All plural. MLB? All plural (if you consider "sox" plural at least). NHL? Again, except recent expansion teams, all plural. So is the new rule that only legacy teams get to be plural and new teams have to be singular? Expansions, maybe, but not teams that just move - look at the Nats! Also, I'd like to point out that you've done little to distance yourselves from Seattle, since their WNBA team is the Storm. Front-office idiots.

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