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Work last week was pretty hectic. Today is even worse. I'm trying to get a bunch of things wrapped up before I leave for a week. Nothing critical, but just trying to tie up all the loose ends and make sure everyone who needs to know things knows where to find them and where I left off. Despite being busy, last week was really good. I put together a big presentation for the Navy that everyone's been giving me kudos on, even though it kinda shows we've got a major issue, but the ball's in the Navy's court now, so we'll wait and see what they decide to do about it. I also set up a test server last week that apparently impressed enough people that I'm the one they want to go actually perform the testing at NUWC is December. Then I got roped into helping out with TSMS again because they're way behind schedule and desperately need integration support, so I'm being subbed out to do that as well.
In sports news, GTDC Flag Football won our rescheduled game against U(sic)GA on Saturday morning in the bitter cold. So we finished the regular season 10-0, won our division, have the best record in our conference, and should be ranked in the top 3 in the final coaches poll. Hopefully that will translate into success in the playoffs. GT varsity football got some help on the way to Tampa after demolishing Miami on Thursday night and having both UNC and UVA lose on Saturday. Unfortunately, despite a lousy showing, VT managed to get by Duke, so we're still behind the 8-ball on that one. But if UVA can beat VT in Blacksburg, GT is the division champ. We've already locked up the best possible record in the conference, so that's certainly something to be proud of for a first year coach with a brand new system.
Okay, back to work for a couple hours before I have to go hope and repack my suitcase for London!

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