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Yesterday I went to Meyer's mom's house for his post-wedding celebration dealie. It was fun to see some people (mostly adults) I haven't talked to in a while. Ran into Mark Mellinger. He's just as awkward as he was in junior high and high school. Apparently he dropped out of college and is working at Dulles for the TSA (or BCF if you prefer) now. He's too smart for that, but whatever, it's his life. Talked with Caryn a lot since she was the only other person my age there besides Chris and Tyne who were busy being hosts. We made our escape around 7 and met up with Matt to see Team America. I'm not sure what to think about that movie. Parts of it were funny, yes. But I don't know whether I want to be angry at the movie or not, or whether to be angry at the people in the theater for laughing at the parts that I think should make me angry. I know it's satire. I know it intentionally portrays people of the middle east very badly to illustrate a point. But I don't know that it really made that point. Maybe I've spent too much time living overseas being a minority to find it funny (as opposed to vexing) in the same way as your typical American. Or maybe I have no funny bone, I dunno. Or maybe I'm too old now since all the high school kids at the theater loved it. Anyway, I figured it was worth a viewing since Trey Parker and Matt Stone haven't steered me wrong yet. My advice: wait for it on DVD. On the plus side, I felt it equally took jabs at liberals and conservatives to the point where I wasn't entirely sure that the film had an agenda at all, other than being funny, which it only barely succeeded at.

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