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I strongly advise against ever going here or here. I was at the Pugest Sound Naval Shipyard and the Bangor Trident Base on my business trip. The base was actually kind of cool. The shipyard was a dump, and pretty much exactly what I would have expected from a shipyard. The surrounding town was even more of a dump. Our Best Western was far from "best," there was no place that looked decent to eat, and getting anything done on the shipyard meant wasting several hours to get approval from someone. At least the Navy's sonar guys who deploy with the sub were really cool and seemed genuinely interested in what our system was capable of and how it could help them, so I guess the trip wasn't a total loss. But a lot of stuff broke while we were there, so I'm not sure if I'm going back next week or not. Guess I'll find out on Monday. In the mean time, my whole Saturday got wasted in the process thanks to traveling and no overtime, but Beth and Moon said I could just take those hours off at a later date, especially considering that I worked over 50 hours this week before even counting my travel time for today. Oh well. Buisiness travel is business travel. I learned a lot about the sub on the trip and we'll see what happens next week.

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