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Penny Arcade offers further proof that hardcore gamers are meek and afraid of people in general. It further illustrates their distaste for non-hardcore gamers who begin to play video games as they become more and more mainstream. I feel the same way about music, as I've no doubt mentioned on countless occasions. Knowing about an awesome band is like a special secret that I only share with my close friends who will truly appreciate the intricacies of the music. And then they get on the radio 6 months or 5 years later and suddenly it's not special anymore. Video games are the same way, the more mainstream they are, the less special they seem to me. Maybe that's why I always had such an affinity for games like Karate Champ on the NES or Kengo: Master of Bushido on PS2. That's why I don't particularly care about the new GTA release or Halo 2 (I also don't have an XboX). The singular exception to this rule is the Gran Turismo series which is probably one of the most played games ever on the two generations of Playstation, and still one of my personal favorites.

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