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I would like to remind everyone about the impending elections tomorrow. Even if you think your vote for president won't matter (and due to the electoral college system, really, it doesn't), you shoudl still go vote. Why? Because there's more at stake than the next president. There are also electiosn being held for Senators and Congressmen, which are important elections as well. And it's entirely possible that there are referendums on the ballot that you will be asked to vote for. So I urge you to spend some time tonight doing some research on who else is up for election and what other issues might be on the local ballot in your state or district and making a choice there as well. And of course, I reccomend voting for president, even if you are voting for a third party, because it shows support for those weaker parties and encourages them to run again. Voting is a privelege in this country, not a right. Make full use of it. And if you vote, it is your responsibility to make informed decisions. Think, plan, vote.

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