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~~~~SAP ALERT~~~~~~~~SAP ALERT~~~~~~~~SAP ALERT~~~~
I'm beginning to remember why they call it a 'crush.' Even after 15 months, I'm more than a little giddy whenever Emily is involved in something I do, be it talking on the phone, getting an email, taking a nap together, watching a movie, whatever. I'm crazy about her and after spending time with her in person, not beign with her is driving me slightly more crazy. But back to my original comment, yes, I still have a crush on her. How do I know? Because everytime we part ways, there's this weight that descends on me, crushing me. And the only way to lift that weight is to be with Emily again. (Fortunately, that's only 16 days and a handful of hours from now). But I think it's fun that I still have a crush on her even after 15 months. That's a good sign right? That after this long she still makes my heart flutter and my knees weak? That I'm more in love with her today than I was yesterday, and more yesterday than the day before, and so on? I've never felt this way for this long about someone before, so intuition leads me to believe that is a very good thing indeed. So here's to all our tomorrows and the temporarily crushing emptiness of being without Emily that only our love can prevent from destroying me.

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