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So I guess Bush is our President again for the next 4 years. *shrug* Can't say I'm surprised. Kerry was simply not a strong candidate. He said and did nothing that encouraged me to vote for him. "But Adam, he got 48% of the popular vote! What's the deal with that?" I suspect that has less to do with people genuinely supporting Kerry and more to do with people genuinely hating Bush. The problem with the democratic candidate in this presidential election is that people who weren't voting for Bush weren't voting for Kerry either. They were voting for Mr. Anyone-Who-Isn't-Bush. This is not how you win an election.
It was funny to watch all the news outlets though. You could see their own political leanings cropping out as they began to call states. Before I went to bed last night, Fox News had given Ohio to Bush. But it wasn't until noonish today that CNN and C-Span finally (begrudginly) uncrossed their fingers and declared victory for Bush.
Points of interest: Virginia - The race was much closer than I would have ever expected. I mean, I know 54 to 45 is a 9 point marign of victory, but for such a historically heavily Republican state I would have expected a wider margin for the incumbent. Florida - for a state divided by 500 votes or whatever in 2000, winning by nearly 4 million votes was a landslide for Bush. What the hell happened there? Must have been Brian's influence. Gay Marriage - Every state with a ban measure on their ballot passed it with at least 57%, and bible belt states like Mississippi with 86% in favor of a ban on same-sex marriages. I am continuously appalled by the puritanical values and the close-mindedness of the majority of this country. I've lived too close to a major city for too long to identify with the overwhelming majority of Americans any longer. Unfortunately, I'm afraid all these passed ballot measures will establish a dangerous precedent for passing anti-homosexual legistlature, and in many ways could have a negative impact on heterosexual marriages as a side effect of poorly-worded documents.
I hope Mr. Badnarik appreciated my vote as one out of 1,557 in Fairfax County and one of 11,767 people in the state who thought him a better choice than either Bush or Kerry. I hope one day we'll have a more representative system of government than our two major-party behemoths and all the other parties out there. About every four years I get to thinking that maybe a coalition government is really the way to go afterall. Maybe not for stability or progress necessarily, but it seems more democratic to me. Too bad we live in a republic instead of a democracy.

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