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Yay for presents! I got a nice sweater from my grandmother and a new set of flannel sheets. Ben gave me some GI Joe action figures (Snake Eyes!) and the Simpsons edition Monopoly. I got a duct tape wallet from my family in Atlanta. My parents gave me an aquarium decoration and a gift certificate to Petsmart, a gift certificate to Amazon, 2 video games, a book of NY Times crossword puzzles, and (drum roll please) the complete extended edition Lord of the Rings trilogy! It's 12 DVDs, 2 per movie and 6 full of bonus features. Needless to say, Ben and I watched The Fellowship of the Ring last night until 2 am. Some day, I'm going to sit down, hook myself up to an IV and a catheter, and watch all 3 movies back to back.
My mom, Ben, and my grandmother all got jewelry from Israel, inlaid with a coin from the time of Alexander. Quite cool, though all were gold, and not something I would ever wear myself. Instead I'm lobbying to have one cast into the face of a pocket watch, now that would be awesome.
All in all, I'd say I made out like a bandit. This has been a great Christmas, and I'm glad my parents were back in town to share it with and I'm glad Emily was able to be here last week and next week, as well as with her family for Christmas to share in the celebrations as well. And teh best part is that now that the insanity of shopping is over, the traffic in and out of the mall has significantly diminished! Now I can turn left out of my apartment again! Yay!

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