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Well, the good news is that i'm definitely sick now. my head is pounding, my throat hurts (thank you very much PND), my jaw aches, i don't think i slept more than 30 consecutive minutes last night, my nose is raw and every time i blow it, i get a nice sickly shade of greenish-yellow that just screams "look at me! i'm infected!" Time to start the regimen of decongestant and pepper concentrate. Oh, I don't have that, maybe just tabasco sauce then. I can't wait to get on a plane today. At least it's a short flight. And the only other plus is that I think this thing has socked in now, so there won't be the runny noses and "getting sick" feeling to worry about anymore. Just the "i feel lousy" and downing drugs every 4-6 hours until i feel better. *sigh* Stupid weather, stupid body. Whatever. I'm off to Groton to teach sailors how to use our system. Maybe I can get the entire submarine sick...

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