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So it looks like the trip to porstmouth may be back on for next week. Which probably means Dave will go by himself. Manish is on vacation starting tomorrow and I need to be here next Thursday morning to run PVTs at Lockheed. Under teh current plan, we'd leave Tuesday night (after supporting the Seawolf demo at LM on Monday and Tuesday), work all day Wednesday, then come back Thursday afternoon/evening. Except that one of us (me or Dave) needs to be here on Thursday for the PVT stuff, so I could take a red-eye Thursday morning to get to LM in time for that, then come home and die. Dave's irritated now that all this crap is happening at once and and we only have 3 systems engineers to support it all and one of them is going to be on vacation. I'm irritated that my potential trip keeps getting moved and that all this insane schedule stuff for work is occuring the same week that Emily moves up here. I know she's going to be here all summer, but she won't be working yet next week, and I was looking forward to being able to spend time with her before her life got all hectic too. *sigh* Work sucks sometimes. I like my job, but sometimes the scheduling portion of it sucks. Especially when people like NSWC and Lockheed get involved. Okay, enough ranting. For now.

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