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Having Emily around is great. =) I mean, besides the obvious reasons, it's just fun to be a couple again and be able to go out on dates together. Friday night we went to see Madagascar, which was hilarious by the way. I know it's a "kid's movie," but I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. Saturday after celebrating Donut Day (which was technically on Friday), we headed out to the zoo and were able to see a lot more animals than the last time we went because the weather was nicer. Then on Saturday we picked up Laina (a UGA student, but a good person in spite of that fact) at the Metro and went to Great Falls for the afternoon. We took a hike and climbed around on rocks. No one got hurt or bitten or anything, so I consider it a complete success. We had packed a tasty picnic, so we ate that and watched little kids wail on each other and took bets about how they were going to hurt each other and who was going to end up crying first. It was a pretty good weekend overall. Lots of fresh air and exercise and a little bit of exposure to the sun. =)

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