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So here's what's been happening:
My dad had to leave early to go back to Tel Aviv because the chairman of the senate appropriations committee is some sort of ogre. Why would you schedule a congressional junket over a national holiday weekend? Do congressmen not have families they want to spend time with? Do they enjoy depriving others of the same? Do they just enjoy being able to do whatever they want and watching other people bend over backwards for them? Does power really corrupt? Anyway... So Ben and My dad left on Friday. Ben's working at the US Embassy for the community liaison this summer, so that should be kind of interesting.
My mom went up to Erie for the weekend to see her parents and apparently a substantial portion of the rest of her family showed up as well. Word has it that they had a grand old time. They went to visit Uncle Bill and Uncle Jim at the cemetary and it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well.
Emily quit her miserable job at her "we swear we're not a pyramid scheme" non-company last week after a "business" trip to Philadelphia turned into quite a fiasco. She ended up taking the train home on Tuesday, went back to the office, quit, and came home and collapsed. Fortunately, she found a new job working for my aunt's brother's accounting firm's satellite office in Chantilly where she has roughly 9-5 hours in a office with her own desk. I think she'll be much happier there.
This past weekend Emily and I went down to Williamsburg. We left Saturday morning to avoid the Friday traffic and after getting past Quantico, it was clear sailing. We wandered around William and Mary for a little while and had dinner at Cracker Barrel and dessert at Sno To Go. This is the best idea ever. It's a sno cone layered with soft serve ice cream. Oh my god. It sounds strage, yes, I agree, but it tastes so awesome. Sadly they're closed on Sundays. Anyway, Sunday we did Colonial Williamsburg, which everyone says is cheesy, but we had fun. Some of the people who work there get really into their roles too. And some of the craftspeople are really interested in showing you how they made things and not just in actually making the things. They were the most fun to watch and talk to because they would explain every step of the process. Monday we went to Jamestown and saw the replicas of the 3 ships that arrived there back in 1607. How 40 people survived for 4+ months on a boat no bigger than my apartment is beyond me. We saw some musket demonstrations and tried on armor and watched some blacksmithing and cooking. Then it was back to Sno to Go before heading home. Traffic on 95 was beyond terrible. It had backed up on 295 as well. So rather than sitting in stop and go traffic all afternoon/evening, and assuming that because 95 was so backed up route 1 would be just as bad, we shot over 64 to Charlottesville and then took 29 home instead. It's a little bit longer, yes, but I think it was actually quicker than sitting in the parking lot that was 95 would have been. Plus it's a prettier drive.
So now it's back to the grindstone. Memorial Day was my first holiday since New Year's, and I survived that, so now I only have to make it a little over a month to July 4th. Emily and I have some other fun plans for the summer, so I think it'll be fine. Okay, back to work now, seriously.

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