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Getting married is entirely too complicated a process. At least Tommy and Steph live in the state they're getting married in and can make the multiple necessary trips to the court house. I made my first trip today to submit my paperwork to officiate. That was a pain and a half. Like all good government agencies, it's, "fill this out, take this over here, fill this out, get this stamped, give us money, fill this other thing out, wait for us to call you, come back, give us more money, go do your thing, come back again, then you'd done." It really is just that simple. I think Tommy and Steph are all set though. I just need the judge to approve my request (pending them checking that I'm a resident of Fairfax County and not a convicted felon), and then I need to go back and take my oath and give them a $500 bond (which I get back upon return of the completed marriage certificate). Gotta love the amount of time, money, aggravation, and effort required to get anything done inside the government. I can't wait until I try to do this same process in Georgia (which, in my opinion, is way less organized) when Emily and I get married and are both residents of Virginia. That should be a blast...

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