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I have some ideological issues. Like my refusal to live in an apartment complex called The Palisades in an apartment model called The Elite. Unfortunately, it's manifesting again with regards to the Unearth/Hatebreed show. Turns out that it's actually part of the MTV2 Headbanger's Ball Tour. Don't get me wrong, Headbanger's Ball was the shit back in the day, and at least MTV2 plays music unlike it's big brother "music" television channel. But I have an aversion these days for all things MTV (except Trucks and Horsepower TV, which are sadly owned by MTV Networks (so is VH1 by the way), but shown on SpikeTV). Also, adding to my distaste for the show is it's location. If you thought I hated the Masquerade, imagine how much I hate the Coca-Cola Roxy theatre. It's in the exact middle of yuppie-filled Buckhead and owned by the most ass-backwards company I can imagine (having worked there and been laid off from there, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about). So combine a few big names like MTV2, Coca-Cola Roxy, Clear Channel (yeah, they're the promoter, whoda thunk?), Hatebreed (Ozzfest 2002's Most Hardcore Band! -according to a sticker on their 1997 Satisfaction is the Death of Desire record), Drowning Pool, and Damage Plan (all 3 bands appear on the soundtrack to the new Punisher movie), and it's no wonder that Unearth isn't even billed on the tour at all, despite the fact that they are by far the most musically talented band playing. It's also no wonder that tickets cost an appaling $26.50 + $7.50 "convenience" (ass rape) fee through Ticketmaster, which means that tickets will cost upwards of $30 at the door, and that's not even counting the $10 I'm sure I'll have to shell out to some shady parking lot guy who's just going to break into my car and bleed all over and not steal anything. I don't need the hassle of all that crap. I've seen Unearth and Hatebreed before for way cheaper in way better venues.

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