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The guy I share my office with has been sick for the past week. He went home early last Tuesday, didn't come in at all on Wednesday. Came in Thursday and Friday mornings, but went home around 11, but then he was back late Friday afternoon. Yesterday he was here when I came in at 9:30 but then promptly dissapeared until around 5. I feel kinda bad for him because I think he is working early mornings and late nights instead of during the day so that he won't be around when everyone else is to make them sick too. Unfortunately, I think he might have infected me. :-\ I had a bad headache when I woke up this morning, and I've felt kind of lightheaded and woozy most of the morning. I'm sort of hoping it's just my imagination though. But as a preventative measure, I think I'm going to head home for lunch today and have some soup and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich along with several glasses of Vitamin C laden OJ and some pseudoephedrine. I can almost taste the goodness now. Mmmm. Go immune system go!

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