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Interesting thing I discovered today: In The Simpsons, Springfield gets 2 area codes (in an episode with possibly the best running gag ever): 636 and 939. In real life, 939 is in Puerto Rico. But, 636 is a suburb to the west of St. Louis. This makes sense in reference to "I'll be dead in the cold cold ground before I recognize Missoura," "Now leaving Missouri, entering Missoura," and "Take that, East St. Louis!" Clearly, neither of these area codes are in northern Kentucky, but there's also no Pacific Ocean access from Kentucky (or Atlantic, or any sort of international waters for that matter), and for the record, the only Springfield in Kentucky is not exactly north. But you can only ask so much of a continually changing stable of writers. There are bound to be contradications. But frankly, I just love all the consistently perfectly subtle jabs at Missouri.

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