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You'd think for being on the west coast the last few days I wouldn't be this tired right now. I mean, it's Saturday night, I should be out living it up, or at least as much as I ever do, which means I should be staying up until 2 am watching college football or playing video games. But after getting up at 5 am PST and flying back across the country today, and after working 12+ hours the last 3 days straight incramped quarters on a submarine, sleeping in a crappy hotel on a mediocre bed with the worst pillows ever, I guess being tired kinda makes sense. Even still, getting ready for bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night feels awfully lame, even for me. Especially since it's only 6:30 pm in dirty dirty Bremerton and I've only been awake for 13.5 hours today.

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