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I guess the only other thign I really want to mention about my trip is that I think I made Fred sick. He was sniffling today on the way home. I also hope I didn't make any sailors sick, despite what I said last weekend. I was delerious from lack of sleep and infection-filled sinuses. Also, the hotel bumped us all up to suites which was kind of nice. So my king size bed and office with a fridge and microwave room that normally costs $173, cost me $83 instead. Thank you government employee rate per diem. The hotel also had free HBO, so I found myself watching a lot of movies at night and when stuff wasn't working down at the shipyard. I feel like I've mentioned it before, but I really like the Father of the Bride movies with Steve Martin. The first one is obviously the best, but I actually like the second one too. They're just so good. And Steve Martin makes a great dad too. Also saw Master And Commander again, An Officer And A Gentleman, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Posit: Has Johnny Depp ever made a bad movie? Or rather, has Johhny Depp ever had a bad performance in a movie? He's been in a handful of less-than-stellar movies (that would have otherwise been total flops without him in it), but I can't think of a single movie where I didn't enjoy his acting. He can seemingly play any character he's asked to play, and, so I'm told, he's cute. Dave and I also went to see Sin City on Monday evening (instead of Sunday night as planned since I was feeling crappy). Brutal movie. Parts of it even made me feel a little ill. But that's the great thing about comic book violence, it's not really real. The style of the film was superb and I really felt that the way it was all put together (where each scene was like a static comic panel, all the actions and settings were exaggerated, and how each story connected somehow) accurately reflected what Frank Miller tried to do with his graphic novels. Also, for the record, I'm now terrified of ever actually meeting Elijah Wood.

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