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I'm starting to get over being sick. It was looking pretty bad there on Sunday and Monday. I slept horribly Sunday night too, even though I was exhausted. Monday I just felt awful, but work must go on. It took us 3 hours to get into the shipyard and onto Seawolf, that boat is nuts compared to a 688 class, but we got ourselves oriented and figured out where stuff is and what we wanted to go over for training. Fred told us a bunch of ridiculous stories that were probably half true about when he used to live up here. Navy guys are all perverts and drunks. Most people would say that's true of guys in general, but I maintain that submariners are like male-concentrate. Anyway, training went well, and we even finished up early, so I'm going home tomorrow instead of Saturday. My voice still sounds really gravelly, and I'm a little congested, but not so much infected anymore and I feel a lot better than I did earlier this week. It'll be nice to get back to my own bed though. Also, happy belated birthday to Kristin! I knwo I told you last night, but I felt bad that I forgot on Monday, and I'm sorry (also, I hope your computer is working again). Anyway, I'm going to get back to work up here for a while and then hit the sack. I should be home tomorrow evening. I'm glad I feel better, and that the training went well, and things even worked out pretty well with Fred too. And Groton's not so bad either. I wouldn't want to live here, but it's certainly way better than dirty dirty Bremerton.

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