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It's it's quest for urban hipster status, McDonald's has made yet another huge blunder. First you made your food taste like cardboard, alienating everyone with tastebuds. With a market share of only infants and old people who both need bland, tasteless food to avoid upset stomachs, McDonald's saw itself going down teh crapper. What to do, what to do? I've got it, reach out to the urban community! First we'll lure them in with our hip-hop "gangsta" commercials. Then when they least expect it, we'll tell them to fuck our sandwichs! Literally. Sorta puts the whole "I'm loving it" campaign into perspective... Just like my experience with the "urbanization marketing" people at Coke, McDonald's is full of idiots. How hard is it to do 10 minutes of research before green-lighting an ad like that? *sigh* Corporate America just keeps digging its own grave deeper and deeper.

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