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This test taken from my cousin because secretly part of me died the day I "outgrew" my dinosaur sheets...
ROAR! You're 73% Dinotastic!!
Aren't you a clever one? Nearly everone is scared of you. The ones who aren't generally end up as lunch. You like the finer things in life, like a good hunt, a good triceratops steak, and a relaxing evening discussing the finer points of evolution in the Jurrasic and Cretaceous Periods. Stomping around and Biting everything in sight isnt your style. You are too classy for that. But still, who can resist a good chomping when the opportunity arises?
My test tracked 1 variable. How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 91% on Dinopoints
The what Dinosaur are you Test

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