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Should I be concerned about the fact that our security guy just came to me to find out the current combo to our safe because it's time to change it? I mean, I know he doesn't have it written down anywhere, but it's not like it's that hard of a combo to remember. Plus, he's the security guy, that's his job! Oh well. At least I'm the first one (other than him) to know the new combo to our safe, so now peopel will have to ask me when they want to get into it and can't because it's changed. Muwahaha! Being at work past 5:30 has so many benefits. Well, really just that one. Oh, except for when Beth called a few minutes ago and was surprised I picked up. I'm not sure if that was surprise that I was still here, or that I was at my desk at all, but whatever. Further proof that I'm just Super Employee™! *cue theme music* Now to retreat to my Fortress of Solitude for dinner and tv and then hopefully going to check out an apartment for Emily later.

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