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The last 48 hours has been kind of like watching a trainwreck in slow motion. You know the eventual outcome, but you can't make yourself look away. Emily's parents vetoed us living together this summer. I can understand them not wanting us living together after Emily graduates (so that she can prove that she can survive on her own, be independent, support herself, blah blah blah), but the logistics of finding a place to live for 3 months that's affordable on an intern's paycheck is rather mind-boggling. Anyway, the long and short of it is that as long as Emily can find a (preferably furnished) place in the DC area to live this summer that she can afford (plus potentially a small subsidy from an anonymous donor whose interests are at stake as well), things will at least be marginally okay. Otherwise, she can't move up here and my (and our) summer will be ruined. I will be totally crushed instead of only dissapointed. Furthermore, Emily not working here this summer would just put an even bigger strain on our long-distance relationship because it would just be even longer that we're not physically together on a regular basis and I think being disconnected from the DC job market would make getting a job after graduation more difficult to the point that she's talked about joining Peace Corps if nothing else comes up. I know they say "if you love something set it free," but I'm not sure I'm prepared to do that. I love Emily and I plan to marry her, but a two year stint in a rural village in Tunisia could put quite a damper on that, especially after having already spent 11 months separated and a more than a year and a half apart by graduation. It's just such a long long time to spend away from each other that I'm worried we'd be growing apart the whole time. *sigh* It's like I can see our entire future unravelling before my eyes all because her parents don't think it's "appropriate" for us to be living together this summer. But, where there is hope, there is a future, and until the last bit of my hope is extinguished, I'm not giving up on Emily living in the DC area this summer, on Emily finding a job here after graduation in December, and sure as hell not on us and our future together. We've worked too hard on our relationship to let it go down in flames over this. I have faith in us to find a solution. As I told Emily, engineers solve problems, and I'm trying to solve this problem. My brain is all spooled up trying to work something out and I'm going to find an answer or die trying (this is probably truer than I'm really willing to admit).

So, here's the deal: does anyone know anyone who might know anyone who has a place to sublet or an extra room to stay in in their house or need a roommate for a couple months? Furnished preferably, but unfurnished is workable. Email me ASAP if you've got any kind of living space that could be occupied for a couple months.

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