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My goal for this weekend is to do essentially nothing. I want to put in my other plugs, so that basically entails not leaving the apartment because I'll have giant tapers sticking out of my head. I'm also dying to start playing the new Metroid game I got for christmas and haven't had a long block of time (5-6 hours) to play it yet. And that's pretty much it. Watch some tv probably, maybe a movie, do some crosswords, work on my Simpsons puzzle. I know I have a Wamalug meeting on Sunday, but I'm not going. I didn't have anything new built for the last one, and I don't have aything built for this one either. Plus, it interferes with nothing. I'm still kinda sick and all I really want to do is rest. And the best way to start is by coming home from work at 4:45 on a Friday and planning to do nothing all weekend.

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