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So I got my lease renewal letter yesterday. My rent is going to go up about $85 a month. That's a pretty sizable increase; it comes out to over an extra thousand bucks over the course of a year. I'm still going to live here though because I'm sick of moving and I could easily spend $1000 just on moving expenses anyway. But I do feel like I'm kinda just throwing money in a hole living here. But it's close to work and the added expense of high rent I think offsets wear and tear on my 135,000+ mile car, rising gas prices, and the elevated stress and tiredness that commuting causes. But this all might mean that I look into buying a house sooner (next summer) than planned (after Emily and I get married, or are at least engaged). Obviously there's a lot of variables involved in house buying, and I know very little about any of them, so I think I'm going to try to talk to a realtor next winter and at least get more details before I make any kind of commitment to actually owning real estate. And who knows, maybe my rent will actually decrease next year (ha ha ha ha), and this will all be moot. For now, off to a meeting! Which reminds me, I should really talk to Dave and Manish about this since Dave bought a townhouse out in Gainesville a few months ago and Manish is currently in Ann Arbor closing on a place himself.

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