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We went to the Pizza Hut buffet for lunch today. Some lady at the table across from us was yakking away on her cell phone and all of a sudden looks me straight in the eye and says "Excuse me, do you listen to ICP?" I assumed she meant Insane Clown Posse and so of course I responded in the negative. She then broke off her conversation on the phone completely to tell me "you look like someone who would because you have a lot of earrings." What? I mean, seriously, what? I was dumbfounded. It was like the woman was the very epicenter of intelligence vacuity and simply being near her was draining the very essence out of my own brain cells. I could think of probably a hundred other musical groups who I would be more likely to be associated with than ICP. No, a thousand. Probably a million. I don't know what her connection between ICP and earrings is based on, but clearly, it was enough to allow her to make a snap judegment about me and my music preferences. That is to say, to insult my music preferences. Had today been any other day or had I not been in the presence of such debilitatingly accute moronism, I suppose I could have come up with a better response than I did. Fortunately, I don't give a shit what rude, 45-year-old smokers who eat lunch at Pizza Hut think of me or I would be curled into a ball wondering what was wrong with me and why I was giving off the impression that I liked awful music. Instead, I'm just going assume she was dropped on her head as a child, continue on with my life, and hope that I didn't lose too much mental capacity being in her general vicinity.

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